A downloadable game for Windows

Heaven is a Half-Swipe is an endless 'skater' set in the same style as Crossy Road and Monument Valley. Perform tricks with your board as you manipulate the environment around you to pull off the greatest combination of tricks possible.

PERFORMING TRICKS-Using the left side of the screen, you can traverse obstacles in several ways.

PC Controls:




A-Pop Shove-It


Tablet Controls:


Swipe-Perform tricks whilst in the air.

The player automatically grinds when landing on a rail.

MANIPULTAING OBJECTS-Using the right side of the screen

As the player skates along, several tracks may appear with several alternatives. On tablet, using the right side of the screen, players can swipe left and right to line up the best possible track to compliment

their combo. On Pc, drag these stages along by clicking and moving the mouse.

Heaven goes on forever, but avid skateboarders aren't looking to skate for as long as possible, but to bag the most points before they ultimately fall. Each successful trick landed scores 100 points. Consecutive



HeavenIsAHalfSwipe.zip 14 MB